Porcelain Fixed Bridges

Porcelain Fixed Bridges At Center Ridge Dental

Health Conscious individuals know that there are few things more integral to confidence than a healthy and beautiful smile. Dr. Arndt and his team in North Ridgeville can help you get the smile you want. If you have missing or damaged teeth, one of your best, most durable, and most natural-looking options is a porcelain fixed bridge.

What Is A Porcelain Fixed Bridge?

A fixed dental bridge is a non-removable appliance designed to replace missing or damaged teeth. There are several different kinds of bridges, but the most traditional one is made of porcelain fused to metal. Porcelain bridges resemble your teeth the most closely, which makes them the more popular type of bridge to use. A porcelain fixed bridge is made of two crowns that go over anchoring teeth on either side of the missing teeth. These crowns are attached to artificial teeth, or pontics, that fill the gap created by the missing teeth.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Porcelain Fixed Bridges?

Porcelain fixed bridges are good for patients who are dealing with:

      Missing teeth

      Broken or chipped teeth

      Decayed teeth

      Misaligned or malformed teeth

They are also appropriate for patients who want a dental appliance that matches their natural teeth and will last for a long time.

What Does A Porcelain Dental Bridge Do?

Having a fixed bridge attached to your teeth helps to give you a beautiful smile, but it also maintains the shape and structure of your jaw and face. By helping to keep your remaining teeth from drifting out of their positions due to missing teeth, dental bridges help prevent many other orthodontic problems from popping up in the future. Keeping your teeth in their proper position and filling in missing teeth helps prevent any detriment to your ability to chew and to speak clearly.

What Are The Benefits Of A Porcelain Fixed Bridge?

Because of its glass-like translucence, which allows light to penetrate the surface of the tooth and scatters it, porcelain dental bridges resemble your natural teeth the most. If cared for and maintained properly, it's hard for anyone to tell that a porcelain bridge is present, which helps boost your confidence when you smile. And porcelain is highly durable. A porcelain fixed bridge can last for many years, though it may need to be replaced or re-cemented as necessary.

The Procedure For Receiving A Porcelain Fixed Bridge

Having the procedure done generally requires two or three visits to your dentist. First, your dentist will take you through an initial consultation, where your options will be discussed. If a dental bridge is the right choice for you, you will be informed of the benefits of using porcelain, as well as any pitfalls you may come across.

For the procedure, your teeth are numbed with a local anesthetic. While they are numb, a portion of the enamel on the teeth surrounding a gap is shaved away to allow for the placement of crowns. Next, an impression is made of your teeth and sent to a laboratory where your bridge will be fabricated. In the meantime, a temporary bridge will be made and worn for the next several weeks until your next appointment.

Once your pocreclain bridge is finished, it is attached to the shaved down teeth (or the abutment teeth) with dental cement. Your dentist will make any necessary adjustments and carefully check for a proper and comfortable fit. At the conclusion of the procedure, you will receive care instructions for your porcelain fixed bridge. Brushing, flossing, and regular visits to your dentist will help ensure that your bridge lasts for a very long time.

How Long Does A Porcelain Fixed Bridge Last?

In general, a porcelain fixed bridge will last for 8 - 10 years or possibly longer if properly cared for. At a later date and time, you will have to visit your dentist to have your porcelain dental bridge evaluated. It will also need to be re-cemented or even replaced eventually. This is simply due to normal wear and tear from eating, drinking, or other reasons.

What Is The Cost Of A Fixed Dental Bridge?

There are a number of factors that go into the cost of a dental bridge, including the manufacturing process, the number of teeth being replaced, the materials used to fabricate your bridge, and the complexity of the procedure to place the bridge. A porcelain fixed dental bridge generally costs $800 to $1,500 per unit, possibly more depending on how many teeth need to be replaced.

Your insurance policy may cover half the cost of your bridge, depending on the terms of the policy. There are also several payment options available to patients so that financial concerns don't get in the way of you getting the smile you've always wanted.

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Dr. Scott W. Arndt, DDS and his team want you to feel and look your best whenever you smile. With porcelain-fixed bridges, missing or broken teeth are no longer the detriment they once were. Our family-oriented dental practice has been serving the patients of Ridgeville for over 47 years. Our professionals provide gentle treatment that caters to our patients' needs and prioritizes comfort. So, get in touch with us and make an appointment today. We can't wait to see you smile!