Porcelain Crowns

 Damaged teeth can greatly affect one's quality of life. Along with making ordinary activities more difficult, such as eating and speaking, broken, discolored, or fractured teeth can have a huge impact on the way you present yourself to the world. Fortunately, there is a fast, convenient, affordable option to restore the strength and beauty of your damaged smile: porcelain crowns. At Center Ridge Dental, Dr. Arndt and his experienced team can help you achieve a healthy, more radiant smile with the help of strong, natural-looking porcelain crowns. If you're considering improving your smile with dental crowns, here's what you should know before scheduling your appointment.


What are Porcelain Dental Crowns?

Porcelain crowns are used to restore a damaged tooth's natural size, shape, color, and function. This is accomplished by making sure the base of the tooth is healthy and then protecting the tooth with a hard ceramic covering called a crown. Crowns can be made from a variety of materials, including metal, however, people tend to choose porcelain dental crowns for their natural appearance.


How Long Do Porcelain Crowns Last?

Depending on the location of your porcelain crown and how well you care for it, you can expect your crown to last anywhere from 5 to 15 years. Of course, your oral health routine, the condition of your mouth, your diet, and your lifestyle choices can make a tremendous difference in lengthening or shortening the lifespan of your porcelain crown.


What Is A Tooth Crown Made Of?

The material Dr. Arndt recommends for your crown will depend on your particular oral health needs. Most crowns today are either made completely of zirconia (a hard ceramic) or can be zirconia layered with porcelain for better control of appearance.


Why Would I Need a Porcelain Crown?

Dental crowns are extremely common restorative procedures that Dr. Arndt and his trusted team see in patients all the time. Patients who require a porcelain crown usually have:

      A large cavity that is too big for a filling

      A weak tooth that is prone to damage

      A cracked or fractured tooth that cannot be repaired

      A discolored or misshapen tooth

What Happens if I Don't Get a Crown?

The consequences of not getting a dental crown will depend on the condition of your damaged tooth. If the tooth is weak or fractured, a root canal may be necessary to treat a painful infection. Increased costs usually follow due to placing either pins or a post to build up the center of the tooth for the crown to stay cemented in place. You can even lose the tooth if it is left untreated. 


What Are the Benefits of a Porcelain Dental Crown?

There are a number of benefits that porcelain crowns provide, including:

      Strengthening Weak Teeth

      Restoring the Size, Shape, & Color of Your Teeth

     Improve Your Smile's Appearance

      Long-lasting, Convenient Option

Is It Painful to Get a Porcelain Crown?

Most patients don't feel a thing when they have a porcelain crown put in their mouth. At Center Ridge Dental, your comfort is our top priority. Before Dr. Arndt repairs your damaged tooth, you will be given a local anesthetic to numb the surrounding area of your mouth. If at any point you experience discomfort, please let a team member know so that we can make your experience as comfortable as possible.


How Do I Need to Care for My Crown?

While porcelain crowns are strong and durable, they are not as strong as your natural teeth. With this in mind, it's important to take the necessary steps to keep your crown in good condition to ensure it looks its best and functions properly for many years. The best way to care for your porcelain tooth crown is:

●      Brush and floss thoroughly twice a day

      Avoid chewing on hard food, ice, and inedible objects, such as pencils

      Visit Dr. Arndt every six months for regular exams and cleanings

With porcelain dental crowns, repairing your damaged smile doesn't have to be complicated, painful, or expensive. Contact the friendly team at Center Ridge Dental to learn more about how porcelain crowns could benefit you and schedule your appointment today.